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Assisted Bathing | Disabled / Less Abled Bathrooms

Our disabled shower range for the elderly or less abled can be designed to your specific requirements. We know continued independence is important to our customers and with this in mind we offer a wide range of products detailed below.

Wet room with half height doors

Half Height Doors | Mobility Bathrooms


Half-height doors are very useful for people who need assisted bathing. The half doors come in various configurations to suit many different types of entry E.g. Wheelchair access. The half-door enables a carer or member of the family to assist the person bathing while staying dry with curtain offering privacy if required. Half-height doors can come in white aluminum, or chrome aluminum, with the option of glass, or Perspex windows.

Walk-In Baths


We have many walk-in baths suitable for those who are not quite ready to give up the luxury of that hot water soak. Our range includes baths that you can sit upright in, standard size baths that have built-in belt lifters available in a selection of colours that can even match your existing coloured suite.

Assisted bathing for the visually impaired

High Rise Toilets


High rise toilets will offer the user on average an extra two inches in height from floor to pan level. This will reduce the likely hood of a toilet raiser which can sometimes look out of place. However, toilet raisers are the most cost-effective way around the problem of standing from a sitting position. Toilet raisers come in different sizes varying from two to five and quarter inches. 

A toilet frame is essentially a raiser with padded support frame. Toilet frames are ideal for people who need support to push themselves up from the toilet where grab rails are not a possibility. The downsides of these products are that they can take up a lot of space. 

A toilet plinth is an effective way to raise the height of an existing toilet, the product in itself is cost-effective, but changing the configuration of the toilet can lead to substantial decoration/structural work which may outweigh the cost-effectiveness of the product. 

Dropdown rails are ideal if space is limited, the fact that they can fold up out of the way when not required suits able-bodied people. It's always best to go for a drop-down rail that has leg support as it offers the user improved support during the transition stage.

Visual Impairment


Research has shown that the colour blue aids visually impaired people. Some grab rails, seat pads, and showers have blue features built-in if required.

Wheelchair Accessible Wet Rooms

Our wetrooms use a slip-resistant flooring that runs up the walls all around the bathroom. This give the bather an easy access shower area. 

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