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Bespoke Walk-In Showers & Wet Rooms

Fixed Shower screen and Shower Seat
Wet room with fixed shower screen

Bespoke Showers

Our bath to shower conversion can be fully tailored to your individual needs at prices to suit every budget. Our designs look modern and stylish but have the added benefit of ease of use and safety in mind. 

Slip-Resistant Trays


All our installations provide the benefit of a slip-resistant surface reducing the chance of a fall while showering. Slip-resistant trays are easily distinguished from mainstream trays because they have a dimpled or rough surface as opposed to mainstream or cheaper trays which generally have a flat gloss or matt finish.

Grab Rails


This product is a must if you are thinking about safety in a bathroom. Grab rails come in various materials and colours. Our most popular selection is the chrome rail. During your installation, our installers will position your grab rails to suit your individual needs. A suction portable grab rail is always handy for holidays.

Safety Flooring


Carpet has obvious benefits such as comfort but if you are thinking of safety in the bathroom then slip-resistant flooring is a must. Safety flooring is more durable, comes in a varied colour selection and offers different degrees of grip depending on if the user is in a wheelchair or not.

Wooden shower seat

Shower Seats


We can offer a varied selection of seated showers depending on your specific requirements. Our most popular product is our wooden and chrome fold-down seat that is made up of a resin compound which stops the seat from losing its pristine finish. All our shower seats can be height adjusted and this is especially useful for people who struggle to stand from a sitting position. 

Chrome Grab Rails

Fixed Shower Screens


Fixed shower screens are at the forefront of modern bathroom design; they create a feeling of openness in your bathroom. A fixed panel has no moving parts as opposed to every other shower screen configuration, the advantage of this is that without moving parts nothing can break and need replacing. Single panel fixed screens are also much easier to keep clean, additionally without the bottom rail that moving doors require, that’s one less tripping hazard to worry about. 

Slip Resistant Flooring

Tiles and Wall Cladding


We can provide you with both tiling and wall cladding, however, tiling is a more expensive option, if you are only looking to change the bath area, then wall cladding is a great solution, this is more cost-effective than tiles and easier to keep clean. Paneling often requires less maintenance than tiles as no re-grouting is required. Wall paneling comes in a varied choice of colours so you will be able to match your existing tiles. Tile effect cladding is ideal for those who want the tile effect without any maintenance.

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