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K7 Kinemagic Serenity Plus Shower
The Onyx | Saniflo pod system has been cleverly designed with all of the family in mind but is also perfect for providing care assisted showering or extra peace of mind for those who need a little extra help.

This high quality, all-in-one shower cubicle has been designed to fit in exactly the same space as your old bath and with integrated thermostatic shower control, a comfortable fold-down seat that takes up to 150kg, anti-slip flooring and secure grab bars, it provides the ultimate, safe showering experience.

How The System Is Different To Traditional Methods
The Onyx and Saniflo shower pod system have panels around the front and back of the shower enclosure, meaning that all the water stays inside the cubicle. A shoulder perimeter around the shower tray enables the side glass pieces to drop into the tray. This means no silicone, something that requires cleaning and maintenance in traditional methods.

Kinemagic | Onyx One Day Shower Pod | Cubicles

Our one-day shower installation is ideal for people looking for the least amount of disruption as possible. No making good is required once the bath is removed. This type of shower cubicle / pod can easily fit in place of any existing bath and comes in various sizes. If you requrie assisted bathing then this can encorporated into the design by using half height glass doors.


No leaks - No need for tiling or grouting - so your self-contained shower cubicle will stay looking as pristine as the day it was installed.


No silicone - No silicone to deteriorate and discolour - so no need for time-consuming and costly maintenance


Cristal Plus glass - No limescale - and no ugly streaks or watermarks on the glass.
Saniflo Kinemagic Grab Rail
Easy Entry Shower Tray
Anti-Slip Shower Tray
Thermostatic Control
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