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Spa Option

Let the Wibco warm air massage system add a truly therapeutic element to your bath system. This non-vigorous massage uses pre-warmed air to refresh and stimulate.


Typical water jet systems are known to be too aggressive for the frail or elderly and can be irritating to any bather after short periods of use. A warm air system allows for stimulation of the skin and is not designed to penetrate deep into the muscle. Moreover, warm air massage activates the lymphatic system, enhances blood circulation and cell oxygenation. An increase in blood flow is also known to help dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body.


The combination of being immersed in water with a warm air system provides an incomparable therapeutic effect and offers the user physical relaxation while relieving pain related to arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism and many other health traumas. As our system does not re-circulate bath water you can maintain a bacteria-free bathing environment, especially important where a multi-use application exists.


The Wibco Spa system provides a host of user-friendly features, including variable speed settings for individual comfort, high/low cycling, and system purging. No cleaning or chemical maintenance of the tubes is ever required!

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