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The Classic Walk-In Bath

The Classic Walk In Bath

Wibco set new standards with the Classic bath, simple, smooth, classical lines, easy to use - no wonder they are sold all over Europe and North America. This model was tested to CSA standards which involved the door being opened and closed 20,000 times! You can bathe with confidence in a Classic.


The low entry door is exceptionally easy to use - just press the palm pad to open and just swing the door to latch shut • The water temperature is thermostatically controlled and anti-scald to TMV3 standard to ensure your complete safety, and with a choice of three seat heights, you can be sure of comfort as well.



  • All Wibco baths incorporate an anti-slip floor. 

  • Optional Spa System 18 Jets requiring no maintenance.

  • Available in any colour.

  • There are two wastes which empty twice as fast as one

  • The optional extension box for the Classic enables the plumber to conceal the area revealed when the longer, existing bath is removed - no tiling or new floor covering is then needed! It can be cut or turned to suit fitting on site.

  • As with all our baths, we design them to be clean and pleasing on the eye without unsightly mechanisms inside and out to knock against, and of course, using our proven patented technology you know that the water seal will never leak.

The Classic Walk In Bath Scale Drawing
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