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The Duet Walk-In Bath

The Duet Walk In Bath

The duet was created by Wibco for households where one person is unable to enter an ordinary bath and so requires a shower, but other members of the family prefer to bathe.

  • The bather can recline full length - no internal seat

  • Low entry door

  • Exceptionally easy to use door latch - press the palm pad to open and swing the door to shut. N.B. The latch does not protrude into the door entrance area

  • Proven unique watertight seal

  • No internal mechanism to knock against.

  • Available in any colour

  • Anti-slip floor in shower area

  • Spa option-16 Jets

  • Some types of bath lift can be fitted at a later date if required


“No struggling to cross the rim of the bath to take a shower”

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