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The Universal Walk In Bath

The Universal Walk-In Bath

The concept of the Universal bath - an economic, easy access bath to provide safe bathing for user/patient of widely varying degrees of incapacity


  • Exceptionally easy entry.

  • Seat height is the same as a wheelchair.

  • Slide-in entry sideways from a wheelchair or backward for a Zimmer frame user.

  • No need for a lift or hoist - which can be intimidating, degrading and embarrassing.

  • Depending on body strength, a bather may not need a carer in attendance.

  • Allows feet to be bathed/washed - unlike showers

  • Greater user security than a shower.

  • Anti-bacterial coating to safeguard multi-user application.

  • This means it is available in white only.

  • Low cost.

  • Easy installation, usually taking less than a day.

  • Minimal disruption with installation.

  • Can be used as a shower (with optional separate TMV3 valve protection)

  • The door cannot be accidentally opened when full of water.

  • No electrical power required.

  • TMV3 thermostatic valve protection.

  • Anti-slip base.

  • Double non-jamming wastes for fast emptying.

The Universal Walk In Bath Scale Drawing
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